How to Convert MSG to XPS using Java

In the modern digital landscape, having the ability to convert documents for various purposes is significant. Occasionally, you may have a reason to transform a file from one format to another. Converting MSG files to XPS format holds importance, particularly if you wish to enhance the appearance of your documents or ensure their functionality on diverse devices. This topic will guide you through the steps on how to convert MSG to XPS using Java. We’ll break down the steps and provide you with a code example to export MSG to XPS in Java.

Steps to Convert MSG to XPS using Java

  1. Install GroupDocs.Conversion for Java using the Maven repository into your project for MSG to XPS conversion
  2. Add the necessary class references necessary for MSG to XPS conversion
  3. Create an instance of the Converter class by passing MSG file path as an argument to its constructor
  4. Get the conversion options for XPS by calling the Converter.getPossibleConversions method
  5. Save the output XPS to disk by calling the method

The library used in this tutorial is designed to work smoothly on various types of devices. Whether you’re working on a project or trying to share documents on different devices, knowing how to transform MSG to XPS using Java can be really helpful. If you have Java installed, you can easily convert MSG to XPS on popular operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux. To understand how this conversion is done in practice, check out the code example below.

Code to Convert MSG to XPS using Java

In the previous section, we provided a comprehensive explanation of how to generate XPS from MSG in Java. We also offered a short example of the code needed. The code is simple and only requires a few API calls to make sure the document conversion goes smoothly. Once you’ve set up the recommended conversion library and adjusted the file paths as needed, adding the code to convert MSG to XPS into your projects becomes a straightforward task.

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